StudZ Dog Harness and Armory Co. - "Is your dog a StudZ Dog?"

Studz Dog Harness and Collar Co. is your premier handcrafted leather dog harness, collar, leash and protective gear company in the world. Our gear is chosen by top breeders, trainers and Grand Champion Winners worldwide for it's comfort, beauty, versatility and overall ruggedness. Our leather craftsmanship and style sets us apart from all other dog gear companies. We know you will love your Studz gear and we appreciate your business.  Thank you for making your dog a  Studz Dog!
This is the famous picture of The Raging Bull posing on a rock.

The Famous Raging Bull

NEW Studz Trainer Pro
Burgundy Red collar with diamond nickel plated studs. Understated and elegant.
 Studz Stingray Collar